5 Recommended Foods For Teeth Whitening

The world today is obsessed with perfectly white teeth. We have seen it advertised (indirectly) in movies, by celebrities, and in billboards as well. Sparkling white teeth not only help improve a person’s smile but are also noticeable from miles away. Many of us have tried (with little success) to make our teeth whiter as well. This could be through methods recommended on the internet to traditional toothcare routine that promised pearl white teeth.

While most teeth whitening remedies and products do not work, a few of them seem to work. Most of the teeth whitening products on the market today are however loaded with chemicals, some of which might not be good for your health. You could however avoid most of these treatments and adopt a much safer option to do the same. Believe it or not, some foods do help improve your dental health, as well as help, make our teeth whiter. Here are 5 of these foods.

1. Water
Doctors and health experts have always recommended drinking lots of water to help keep your body cells healthy and to improve your overall well-being. Among other benefits, drinking water often helps wash away food materials and other compounds that contribute to staining of teeth, a reason it is recommended to maintain proper oral hygiene and health. Coffee, soda, and other acidic/sugary drinks are the primary causes of tooth staining for most individuals. If you have a sweet tooth for these, you might then consider swishing water around the teeth, as well as drink plenty of water to prevent staining. Water doubles up as a cleanser that cleans both the teeth and gums.

2. Apples
You might have heard of the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ While this may be true, the juicy and crisp fruit contains properties that promote teeth whitening. The spongy nature of the fruit helps scrub away cosmetic dentistry bacteria, as well as dislodge food remnants from between the teeth. In addition to this, apples have a remarkably high-water content, which again helps wash away stains from the teeth. Having an apple every day also increases the rate of saliva production as well.

3. Cheese
Undyed cheese also comes in handy in teeth whitening. Aged cheese has a particularly spongy feel which plays an almost similar role as apples – washing away food materials and staining compounds off the enamel. As an added benefit, cheese is high in calcium, one of the compounds needed for stronger teeth. It is with stronger teeth that the enamel will resist staining.

4. Strawberries
Strawberries are a potent source of mother nature’s natural bleaching agent, malic acid. Although you might know this already, malic acid is one of the key ingredients in most commercial teeth whitening products on the market. Simply sinking your teeth on the fleshy strawberries does help preserve your teeth and even make them more radiant. You might however want to brush your teeth after having the berries for they are unusually high in natural sugars.

5. Carrots
Carrots aren’t beneficial to your eyesight only; they do contain compounds that promote teeth whitening. The fibrous natures of carrots help clean your teeth as you munch along. In addition to this, the abundant Vitamin A in carrots is one of the main ingredients needed for stronger enamel development. Carrots will not only help clean your teeth but also help keep stains at bay.

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